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Dig a trench. Throw in some bulbs. Cover them with dirt. I’ve never planted bulbs, but I hear it’s simple. Do the work before the first frost, and with luck tulips shoot up come springtime.

In the meantime you have frozen ground, growth you can’t measure, and blind faith that results await.

I’m in a planting bulbs phase. Each time I sit down to write, each time I publish and share a blog post, another bulb goes in the trench. I don’t know where this leads, and I cannot measure my progress except for showing up every day to practice. Writing this blog post serves my practice and also, importantly, enables me to acknowledges progress toward the culmination of #30BrighterDays of November as well as unseen unknowable greater progress.

Not knowing fans my insecurity. I enjoy claiming a title, situating myself in a position or project, and charting my course toward a defined goal. Accomplishment fuels my confidence.

On one hand, I hold a strong belief in my path and my potential. On my other weaker hand, I clutch doubt and fears of falling short–that I’ve already failed.

In my heart, I know that practice–showing up and planting bulbs below ground of writing, learning, loving, and serving–will keep my light brighter and hopefully, eventually bring about a spring bouquet.



This post is part of #30BrighterDays; a thing I made up to brighten each day of November