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Thrive With Brava and Me (This Friday May 10th)

If you want to get your work out there – on stage, in a gallery setting, for a community event (fundraiser festival, reunion, etc) –  you need no formal training, nor invitation. You need not be a creative professional nor event planner. If you have passion for your idea, that’s what you need.

Support and practical tips help. That’s where I come in!

I spent much of the last decade coaching women with no directing/producing experience how to direct/produce their own LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER shows, and directed/produced dozens of various events myself.

Join me this Friday for Brava’s Thrive Conference and enjoy a day full of inspiration and practical guidance. I hope I bring a bit of both.

The THRIVE Conference is designed for women in all stages of their careers plus topics for women considering or new to entrepreneurship. With four topic tracks to choose from – EMPOWER, ENRICH, EDUCATE, ENTREPRENEUR – there is a workshop of interest for everyone throughout the day!

Get empowered, enriched and educated through the keynote address on work/life balance and valuable workshops, nurture that entrepreneurial idea with tips and tools from the experts, experience an individual “laser” coaching session, network — and leave feeling empowered to live your potential, in work and life.




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