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We’re Invited

Next week we’re invited to a fifth grade celebration and an eighth grade passage ceremony, back-to-back on the same day.

We’re invited with an exceptionally happy bunch of balloons, a bowl of ramen noodles, and two cherries (with shine spots!) on top.

We’re invited to say goodbye to our neighborhood elementary school; the one that educated, housed, and nurtured our family for nine years.

We’re invited to say goodbye to a bazillion “Hi Mrs. Imig/Miss Ann/ Ms. MaxElliott’s Mom!!” volunteer and chaperone hours, storytime, spelling bees, four square, safety patrol, backpack art, Hannukkah Mom, and birthday root beer floats in the classroom.

We’re invited to say goodbye to the middle school which proved not-at-all scary, much more friendly and interesting than we anticipated.

We’re invited to say goodbye to a zillion-point-five walks to and from the joint elementary/middle school building– first holding their hands, then following them at a distance, now watching them from the window.

We’re invited to watch our kids quit some of the activities, sports, and lessons we selected for them–that they mostly stuck with– as they decide what excites and engages them on their own. We’re invited to let go for the moment of do it for the team and have you practiced nagging.

We’re invited to recall how frightened we felt letting our kids out of our arms and into the world as kindergarteners, and how watching those kindergarteners learn to read brought us awe and pride we never imagined. We’re invited to remind ourselves of this when we feel that familiar fear creep up our spine, as we send them off on buses to a new middle school and high school.

We’re invited to a lot more homework.

We’re invited to remember all the new camps, teams, bus rides, friends and situations they’ve navigated beautifully without us.

We’re invited to behold our children becoming.


They’re ready. We’ll get there.


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  • Melisa May 31, 2018, 4:07 pm

    Welp, you captured it perfectly as usual! xoxo

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