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Most goals require assists (What were yours in 2017?)

If you play or watch soccer, you know that most goals require an assist; the pass that places the ball in an optimal position for the kicker to shoot on goal. Yes, I used a sportsy analogy and no you did not click over to the wrong blog. 

As the new year approaches, many people consider making goals. I don’t feel ready to make goals, and I think that’s because I need to think small–or more detailed– before I can think big. In detailing and itemizing some of my assists from 2017, I might notice where I made progress, where I found my stride, who or what got a bit neglected, who or what pulled my energy and focus, etc… and therefore what I might like to bolster, strengthen and attempt in 2018.

Maybe you’d like to take stock with me. How did you get yourself better situated to shoot for your own goals in 2017 (regardless of whether you hit or missed)? Maybe you got outside and walked every week, recommitted to a friendship, or read a book a week. Did you open your field of vision by learning skills to improve your strategy or find new opportunities? Perhaps you took a class, attended a networking event, or tried out the dating scene. Maybe this year you spent more time assisting someone else in attaining their goals (hello people we love who have lots of needs!).  Did you receive some great assists thanks to the encouragement or expertise of others?

Over the next few days I plan to get out my favorite magic markers and consider my assists. I wrote myself some prompts below. Tag me on Facebook or comment below if you’d like to play along.




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  • Sioux December 28, 2017, 12:57 pm

    Ann–Several writing colleagues convinced me (in a very kind way) that a manuscript of mine sucked. I suspected it, but it was nice to have my suspicions validated.

    Of course, it would have been better if they’d said it was fabulous and the manuscript ended up getting snapped up by a publisher, but that will never be the case. It DID help me heal (emotionally) so the pile of papers and the years of writing it WAS worth it.

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