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Show up, then try a new another route. ZING! #30BrighterDays

When I woke up I thought I might choose an “off” exercise day today. By the time my coffee kicked in and both boys left for school, I felt energized and laced up my running shoes.

I typically run different variations of the same route, and as I neared my usual turn-around point, I decided to keep going and enjoy a detour onto the rustic trail that goes through the park (instead of the paved bike path).

I had to watch my footing given all the leaves, roots, and rocks. Ducking under low brush, side-stepping felled trees, and navigating hills and valleys jogged not only my body, but my brain. In a rare fit of inspiration–one of those moments when you can almost feel the sparks firing up your brain–I came up with a strategic vision for one of my volunteer jobs. ZING!

We don’t get to choose ZING moments of inspiration, but I find they only happen for me when I show up faithfully to practice. Sometimes we also need to try another route. Our practices can become rote and less effective when we don’t give them fresh air from time to time.

I showed up to my run today. I took another route and it gave my thinking another route too. I’m showing up here to this daily #30BrighterDays practice to tell you about it and in the service of whatever future ZINGS await.

This post is part of #30BrighterDays; a thing I made up to brighten each day of November


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  • Melisa November 7, 2017, 1:06 pm

    Many of my “zing” moments come to me while I’m showering, which is much easier for me than running.
    You’re totally write about embracing practice. I feel better and better the more I do that!

  • Ann Imig November 7, 2017, 1:24 pm

    Showering is good practice though. Haha. For real though yes I get ZINGS in all sorts of places but not as often if I’m not regularly putting in the work too.

  • Thomas W. November 15, 2017, 12:13 pm

    How can you run over leaves, roots, and rocks, ducking under low brush, side-stepping felled trees and navigating hills and valleys and not imagine yourself to be Henry Fonda running from Mohawk warriors in film, “Drums Along The Mohawk”…? That’s what I always do.

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