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Better than a Black Friday Bargain #30BrighterDays

We plugged this parking meter with nickles and pennies. For real.

One thin dime couldn’t even shine your shoes when On Broadway was released in 1963, but in 2017 downtown Sycamore, Illinois ten cents buys you two full hours of street parking.

Once in high school, the art teacher stopped on the stairway in front of me to pick up a penny. He turned to me with his eyes smiling and said “PENNIES turn into DOLLARS” and waved his hand around the coin to disappear it like a magician.

Earlier this week my younger son questioned the relevancy of the penny. Today my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I used them to buy an hour of window shopping in the sunshine.


This post is part of #30BrighterDays; a thing I made up to brighten each day of November


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