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Happy Father’s Day, Kaleem! #ShareTheLuv by Treating Devoted Dads and Caregivers

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Father’s Day is an important day for dads, moms, children and families around the U.S. and Luvs invited me to celebrate a devoted dad in Madison.

Caire family portrait, 2014

If you live in the Madison-area, you’re likely familiar with Kaleem Caire. Kaleem is a doting dad to five kids and husband to Black Women’s Wellness Day founder and host Lisa Peyton-Caire. Kaleem devotes his working hours to serving dozens of families and future leaders through One City Early Learning, and has dedicated himself to countless others through his years of leadership and community-building.

One City Learning class of 2017: Madison’s future leaders, ready for Kindergarten!

Recently I met with Kaleem and Vice President/Center Director Marlo Mielke for a tour of the school, and so I could hand-deliver a gift from Luvs. Luvs donated diapers to the school, and also gave me $200 in gift cards to spoil Kaleem as a father– and his staff as caregivers– in honor of Father’s Day.

One City Vice President/Center Director Marlo Mielke and Founder/President/CEO Kaleem Caire

Marlo and Kaleem funnel their passion for our city and people into One City’s mission to cultivate a community of healthy, happy, thoughtful and resourceful children who possess the capacity and commitment to empower others and change the world, their families and communities for the better. I watched tears brim both Marlo and Kaleem’s eyes as he read aloud a Facebook post from a student’s mom that had attended graduation the night before. Her post began “Last night I experienced one of those moments where you know, as a parent, you’re getting something right.” As I walked through the welcoming, peaceful, joyful preschool, I felt that, too–like Madison is getting something right thanks to One City, Marlo’s direction, and Kaleem’s dedication and vision.

I asked Kaleem some questions about fatherhood, and you can read the full interview below. This quote jumped out at me and personifies Kaleem as a a dad and leader:


“Dive into their lives” — Kaleem Caire


Happy Father’s Day, Kaleem!! Thank you for building and guiding Madison to a brighter future. Enjoy spoiling yourself and your staff with this gift from Luvs. You deserve it!!

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Interview with Kaleem Caire: Father and Visionary

What has surprised you about fatherhood?

My mother and father didn’t raise me. I left home at age 17 right after high school graduation for the U.S. Navy and from then on, was almost completely on my own financially, etc. However, in my experience with my own children, I have learned that being a parent takes on greater importance as your children get older. They need us more: our sons and our daughters. As they venture out into the world as young adults, we actually have more in common with our children. Pursuing independence and taking on adult responsibilities requires a lot of support, guidance and advice from parents. I’m really enjoying that part of fatherhood: watching my older children transition into adulthood and supporting them during this part of their journey.

How has fatherhood changed you?

Fatherhood calmed my spirit and gave me a greater sense of direction. It clarified my purpose in life. It informed my life’s work to help move children forward. It also helped me understand what I missed by not having my own father and mother present in my life as a child and young adult, and how that affected me. I’ve become a stronger, and more focused, disciplined and very patient person. I love being a dad and partnering with my wife in parenting our children.

What would your ultimate Father’s Day look like? What will your Father’s Day actually look like?

I would travel with my entire family to someplace that we all have dreamed about going together – to the Caribbean, Africa, Australia or France. We have never taken a serious family trip like that together. My wife Lisa and I were young when we started having children. She was 21 and I was 22 when our first child was born. We have five, ranging in age from 10 to 23. Traveling with all of us was too expensive for our budget if it wasn’t by car. My dream is to take a flight somewhere together, and enjoy our time sitting on the beach, swimming, and exploring and learning a new place together.

I don’t know what my Father’s Day will look like because I don’t know what my family has planned for me. But whatever it is, I will enjoy all of us being together; enjoying time together. As our children get older and we get older, time becomes more precious. Soon my children will venture out into the world and develop their own lives and families. I value every moment I have to spend with them, because I know I can’t expect them to be present every Father’s Day in the future. So being together, doing anything, will be great for me.

Do you have any advice for new dads?

Be a real, active father to your children and support your wife…the mother of your children. Raising children is a partnership that requires your presence, participation and authentic expression of love, care and kindness towards your children and their mother. Your children will develop a sense of security based on how you live your life with them. They will understand how to love if you show them and their mother real love. And be prepared to sacrifice for your children. Once you have them, it’s not just about you anymore. They need every amount of time and attention you can give them – not just your money. Don’t just work, come home and talk to your children for a few minutes. Don’t buy them things and think that you are investing in them. Dive into their lives. Help shape and mold them. Have a plan for what and who you want expose them to and how you want to raise them. They will be what they see. Show them first, what a good father looks like. That will carry them further than anything else you could ever do for them.

What have your kids taught you? (Your own and/or the kids at One City)

My children have taught me how important it is to be a father who is present in their lives, and more importantly, what it feels like to have children who love you unconditionally, and love their mother and family, too. I have seen what I didn’t have through my children. I have seen the beauty of having siblings and love them. I have seen through them what that looks like. I have seen what it looks like to have a real bond between mother and child. Our children absolutely adore their mom. And I have learned what they need from me as their father. It’s been a journey and a process, but they have helped make me a better person, and have enriched my life more than anything else I have ever done or will ever do in the future. It’s been an awesome ride and I look forward to how my role as a dad will evolve in the future.


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  • Nancy Davis Kho June 16, 2017, 3:34 pm

    Kaleem’s kids (at One City and at home) sound like they’re lucky he’s in their lives! Thanks for sharing such a positive parenting story, Ann – luv it. (See what I did there?)

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