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Anyone Out There?

Welcome to my blog. My ovaries keep demanding I conceive something, so I thought my brain might distract them a bit if I got creative enough. Only time will tell.

“Work Week Widow” refers to someone whose spouse travels during the week, leaving you with all the work of single parenthood but none of the benefits (i.e., dating, co-custody). You’re spouse-less during the week and get to condense all of those errands, chores, family time, couple time (SEX), you time, him time, social time into one lovely and oh-so-relaxing weekend. No pressure there. I didn’t coin the phrase “work week widow” and when I find out who did I will cite my source properly.

In addition to providing myself a cathartic venue, I hope my blog provides parents a moment of shared commiseration, compassion and hopefully humor.

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  • lynn October 11, 2008, 6:32 am

    I love this..please keep writing. my daughters will love to read it as well
    It also brought back alot of memories of days of being a single parent, albeit a million years ago!

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