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I live mostly in gratitude right now for my dry safe home and healthy loved ones. If you live out of harm’s way like I do today–for this moment–you, too, likely hold sadness and deep sympathy for the suffering due to the hurricanes, forest fires, and deportation threats. The list of potential and imminent tragedies looms large and touches so many people. You probably have taken action steps to give or help however you can. I have too, and will leave some links below.

I’m also preparing for my talk at the DreamBank next week on (Thursday evening 9/14) about practicing anti-perfectionism.

Perfectionism reminds me of the playground game Red Light, Green Light. You run with every GREEN LIGHT, and stop in your tracks at the call for RED LIGHT. The point of the game is to make it to the finish line first. RED LIGHT stops the game, the fun, and all the forward momentum.

Our perfectionism glares RED LIGHT. It tells us we aren’t enough, and that there’s only one winner (and surely it isn’t us, so game over). Perfectionism is pervasive in our culture; especially online and in the media we consume. Becoming completely focused on the perfectionism red light signal–instead of the value that the process of a green light moving us forward can provide–can lead to procrastination, undermine our confidence, and even impact our well-being and health.

I didn’t pay attention to these signals until my body gave me a glaring RED LIGHT that leveled me several years ago. I had to learn how to let go of outcomes and value the journey in order to regain my health and confidence. Now I understand that GREEN LIGHT means that you work for the work’s sake, trusting the process, and that keeping energy moving forward and opening up is even more important to my well-being than any notion of a (often overrated) finish line. I now know–whatever I do–it’s never going to be perfect. I’ve learned to do it anyhow. I did an 8 minute Facebook live (my first Facebook live!) that will give you a sense of next week’s conversation.

Join me at DreamBank for a conversation about the pervasive culture of perfection and how to practice anti-perfection daily. The event is FREE and filling fast, so make sure to reserve your spot here.



Speaking of process, early this summer I spoke to Ashleigh Blatt from The Power Squad Project podcast about planning for endings as part of the process of every endeavor.


We discussed:

  • evolving your business
  • deciding to close your business
  • making the decision
  • knowing what’s right for you and your business
  • knowing when it’s time
  • what’s next

Listen here. 


A tiny list of action steps to consider:

Diapers and clean underwear are a critical health/hygiene and dignity issue that often gets overlooked and is badly needed during evacuations/weather crisis.

Here’s a list of places to donate money and aid to communities of color in Houston

Call on your representatives to #DEFENDDACA and support/follow/share Wisconsin’s own Voces de la Frontera



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