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Dear Friends and Readers,


First, please watch Listen To Your Mother’s 2015 season announcement brought to you by over one hundred local visionary women director/producers–four of whom have worked tirelessly with me for months to prepare for this launch–and thousands of folks who’ve entrusted LTYM with their stories over the years.



Find the full list of cities and local Director/Producers here.

Next, if you live in the Madison-area, please join some LTYM alumni and I at The Women’s Expo next weekend, on Sunday November 23rd at 12:30 PM at The Alliant Center, on The Dreambank Stage.


Our mini LTYM: Madison show features:

  • Araceli Esparza, Children’s book writer and poet, reading her poetry about the challenges of being a poor mom, and mothering her younger brother
  • Fabu, a Madison Poet Laureate and playwright, reading  mother poetry spanning three generations
  • Linda Hedenblad, Business Consultant and Improv Comedian, reading “Confessions of a Non-Mom Mom” about her unlikely and later-in-life path to motherhood
  • Abby Jakowski, wife and mother of three, reading “I See You,” relating to moms parenting kids with allergies and special needs
  • Elizabeth Katt-Reinders, policy director at an environmental nonprofit, reading “Grace and Connection” about a random encounter between two exhausted moms.
  • Deb Nies, social media consultant, reading her hilarious “Puberty aka When Things Get Hairy” regaling her daughter’s foray into adolescence.
  •  Sara Williams plans to write her way into old age instead of sitting in a rocking chair. She reads “Connection” about her relationship with her mother

I will emcee this 30 minute program, and then we can go grown-up lady trick-or-treating at all the fabulous exhibitor booths!

Here’s a $5.00 admission coupon



Finally, stay tuned for exciting book updates! We’ll release the (incredible) contributor list very soon. The galleys (paper-bound draft copies) are on their way to my doorstep, and you can save money by pre-ordering your own copy of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now today!  The publication date is April 7th, and you can pre-order from any of the following vendors:


Barnes & Noble

Books A Million





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