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Today is a defining day for me, for 55 additional contributors and for LTYM. Two years ago I got the first email from my agent Elizabeth Kaplan, and today LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: What She Said Then, What We’re Saying Now hits bookshelves everywhere.

There SO are many people to thank–especially my editor Liz Stein, my national LTYM team, over 100 director/producers across the country, everyone at Putnam Books–especially Stephanie Hargadon and Elena Hershey who coordinated the launch event with Book Court (with help from LTYM: NYC team of Amy Wilson, Elizabeth Robinson & Barbara Herel) all of our live & online audience–and thousands of people who’ve shared their stories. BlogHer, of course, LTYM’s National Media Sponsor who celebrates with us with meet-ups in 5 cities this season–beginning Wednesday night (see below). Time for more thanks will come soon enough, but first let’s launch this book, and oh my gosh I really need to finish packing.

 “Some will leave readers laughing out loud, while others will leave them crying. All of this collection’s stories, however, have one thing in common: readers will be left planning to call their mothers.” – Publishers Weekly


“This collection serves as a significant contribution to literature on and about motherhood… these candid writings feel like a dinner date with a group of smart mothers who share their successes and failures with wit, fear, melancholy, playfulness, and all of the emotions that surround the reality of parenting.” – Library Journal


 “The essays are short, which enables the book to cover a lot of ground, but they also pack a strong emotional punch—and they’re almost certain to leave any mother feeling less alone.” – Kirkus

Celebrate with us and buy yourself (your friend, your mom) a copy!

Book Launch Image

I’m heading to NYC for our launch event tomorrow night, Wed 4/8. If you’ll be in the area please join us at Book Court in Brooklyn. Details here. Following the launch you can also join me at SheKnows #BlogHer15 meet up, right around the corner. Details and RSVP here.

Here are some half-priced, day-old, still delicious Ann links:

Over on ReadBrightly, I wrote about how you can score the easiest and only neurosis-free parenting WIN simply by reading with your kids.

Me on TV talking about LTYM with Leigh Mills WMTV


‘Listen To Your Mother’ goes from stage back to the page in new book by Lindsay Christians as featured in The Capital Times

Don’t forget to join us at The Barrymore on Mother’s Day for the 6th annual Listen To Your Mother: Madison!! Meet the cast and find ticket info here.

Now to finish that packing. It’s almost midnight. Oh dear.


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