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Sunday night we went to a neighborhood festival on the other side of town, aka the cool side.

We drove in circles for twenty minutes looking for parking. We eventually found a place a mile away, which added a fun layer for the younger half of us not crazy about the idea of going to the festival in the first place, and especially not crazy about walking on legs, generally speaking. After our parking pilgramage, we enjoyed our free entry at long-last, only to spend thirty minutes circling the food tents deciding which treat to buy for $10,000 (okay $7.00 for one cherry lemonade which made one cherry nauseated).

The headliner started, but the younger half of our party had zero interest in the music, despite an incredible view of the drummer from back stage, and even though half of the half of our younger party actually plays the drums.

We stayed an hour. We bought some fried cheese curds that one of us deemed the best he’d ever had. No one seemed too bummed about the enormous waffle cone full of ice cream shared by all. A breeze kept us cool throughout the humid evening and long walk back to the car. And how often do we stroll around outside as a family after dark? After spending approximately $50,000 on nauseating refreshments?

We nagged one of our younger party to get off his phone on the mile walk back to the car. The other limped due to a cramp; possibly from fried cheese curds, ice cream, and cherry lemonade– not sure. The moon showed only a sliver behind the clouds with the north star beaming next to it, like the Indian shooting a star on a Tootsie Pop wrapper.

It was not awesome! It was still worth it.

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