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I planned on telling you about this great parenting idea I read about on the internet– to write 40 pages with each of my kids. I planned on adding my own genius in the form of this makes a perfect use of all those swag journals that you get at conferences! I planned on a new season of deepening relationships with my children that not only fostered our communication, but also their love of writing, while continuing a similar tradition that began with my dad and me.

Below please find what happens when you’re busy making conscious parenting plans…




Given the overwhelming response, of course I plan to write them back. And change my name to XBox1.



Some good news life hacks for your day!!

I don't know if it's too many damp rainy days in a row recently, my perfectionist brain going in too many directions, or the energy consumed by trying not to beg/steal my children's Halloween candy that's sapping my blogging. Regardless, my drafts file contains several one-paragraph posts I refuse to finish and share. Meanwhile, the… Read More


The Middle School Columnist interviews me real quick during Sally Jesse

It's me, your Middle School Columnist who started 6th grade. Big whoop I get to interview my future self for Language Arts. This is due tomorrow and I'd rather be perfecting my brand new personal style of handwriting which we are finally allowed to have in middle school, or watching Santa Barbara with ravishing Kelly… Read More


I am…Warrior Jogger!

I jog. Not run, definitely jog. I don't race. I don't train for races. I don't aspire to race. I jog regularly, slowly, and outside if at all possible for lots of good reasons mainly centered around my sanity. I've jogged through blizzards and deluges and a tornado watch on Tuesday night. You know who… Read More


Working from home with kids this summer! Getting worked over by kids at home this summer!

  "eat some turkey too"   This frantic scrawl communication during my conference call, in response to children mime-eating cupcakes, then shrugging shoulders at me with questioning hands and innocent-tilting heads from my office doorway. Translation: "Cupcakes, s'il vous plait? Maman, for it's way past 10:00 am! This fine morning has nearly bid us adieu… Read More



This summer my eleven-year-old son learned to use a needle and thread. Grouped on a track at College For Kids with his first choices of Rocket Science and Physics, Recycled Textiles never held great allure for him. None of us realized he'd learn to hand-sew and surprise us with gifts--a denim jean purse for me… Read More