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I am still here after 90 9 years. The world crumbles all around us, yet I remain ever your Wisco Jewess, your Stay-At-Home Humorist: fan of taglines, slightly energetic, semi-woke, and at the ready to entertain you with extraordinarily fresh content!

ITEM. Toby has behavior problems.

Hobbies include scaling heights, stealing food, and sneak attacks. Toby loves water and laughs in the face of our “get off the kitchen counter” spray bottle. We got him from a shelter so we can’t be certain of his breed, but he’s at least 60%  flying squirrel. He has my long arms. We love him times many adjectives and adverbs.



ITEM. My assortment of parents continue to thrive!

A few years ago I admired a new landscape on my mom’s wall. I assumed she bought it at a local gallery, only to learn that she had taken up pastels and drawn it herself. Imagine if I embedded a video of me ably playing a tuba concerto–a concerto. That’s how it feels to see my mom’s artwork. She knits and weaves, but aside from a deftly drawn stick-figure on my 1980s brown bag lunch, I had no idea she had this in her. I’m not sure she did either, until age 73. We have no idea who dwells within us, and what works might emerge tomorrow.

Mom has worked as a therapist for 40 years. My dad has worked as a labor arbitrator for 50 years. Recently I told Dad how I envy a lifelong steady career to engage in fully, eventually master, and truly enjoy.  He agreed about that good fortune and added “Well, I’ve been married three times.” That has brought me smiles and peace of mind all week. My parents are my midlife gurus.

ITEM. We all start over in different ways, again and again.

Nine years ago I started a humor parenting blog. Somewhere along the way it merged with creativity, a whole new life-cycle of cat (RIP Henry and Dexter aka The Fur Bastard), and as of today the cutting-edge and likely extremely lucrative trend of daughterblogging.

The world might be crumbling, yet plenty of us have resources to fortify and rebuild, help and hold hope with our extremely long arms. We have tuba concertos yet to play, second and third careers and/or marriages to discover, and spray bottles to resist.  We can do this. Again and again. <3







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Message In A Guest Book

Before we left for our annual trip to Lake Superior, I pulled a goddess card. The goddess I blindly selected told me to seek a spiritual place, a timely suggestion given Lake Superior tends to connect me to my spiritual side (also to my World's Best Donuts side). Yesterday Mom and I went to a… Read More


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