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Spring Break Then: The Macarena!
Spring Break Now: The Screaming Shrew.

Spring Break Then: Boombox on the beach!
Spring Break Now: Ant Venom Minecraft tutorials in the kitchen.

Spring Break Then: Mai Tai, Baby!
Spring Break Now:  Mai Chai, decaf.

Spring Break Then: Sleeping, pancakes, tanning!
Spring Break Now: Mini-golf bench, karate bench, soccer bench.

Spring Break Then: Cute boys at the bar!
Spring Break Now: Cute boys in timeout.

Spring Break Then: Sarong, flip flops!
Spring Break Now: Parka, mud boots.

Spring Break Then: Cosmo quizzes!
Spring Break Now: Camp forms.

Speaking of Camp forms, this summer I’m serving as an ambassador for Camp Invention. Come back next week, when I’m giving away a FREE WEEK of day camp to one lucky winner (read: desperate parent).


10 Reasons I Still Blog

Two weekends ago, I did a show. Not an LTYM show, which I now know how to do backwards and forwards, but a solo humor show. I combined a selection of live-readings from my blog, with a slide show and a bit of stand-up comedy, for an hour-long presentation at The Natural Parenting Expo.  As… Read More


Don’t Fill The Void

I'm sorry. Ann can't come to the phone right now, she's busy filling The Void with popcorn and social media scrolling. Lately I've been pondering an idea of a void and how I fill that void. I don't mean a void in the sense of a gaping wound or a need never sated, but rather… Read More


“John’s” by The Grade School Columnist (#WhereILivedWednesday)

Everyone always picks Megan's house. Jessica and Carrie and Alon and everyone. Megan's dad's house--John's. Megan calls her dad John and her mom Judy, instead of “Mom” and “Dad.” She also does this thing—every time she sees someone and they say hi she asks “How are you?” I've never heard another sixth grader do that… Read More


Boy Boomerang (My Erma BomBUST)

Below find my non-winning entry for the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition. Congratulations to all of the winners! High fives to all of the other losers! Boy Boomerang My first-born spent his newborn months sleeping in the crook of my arm. The crib served as his favorite place to slumber... for 20 minutes maximum, and only… Read More


A lesson from the stage

Years of voice lessons, weeks of rehearsals and countless hours of my youth spent singing along with Maria from West Side Story, Luisa from The Fantasticks, and Irene Cara from Fame (all manner of musical theater ingenues with names ending in “a”) prepared me for this moment as Eliza in My Fair Lady. On preview… Read More