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It’s restocking time in casa de Imig, both literally and metaphorically. After wrapping an indescribably soulful and joy-filled 41-city LTYM season and 7th annual Madison show, I need to grocery-grab, post-production paper-push, pile-sort, organize, houseclean, parent, and especially reconnect with family and friends.

As I anticipate my favorite month of the year–June (also known as La Mes de Watch Ann Finally Collapse)–I must call on my last resolve to sign all the permission slips, deal with the camp forms, attend/chaperone End Of The Year Everything, and most importantly not pull a muscle trying to barrel the soccer ball across the field in the annual end of soccer parents vs. kids game. WATCH OUT ANKLE-BITERS! HERE I COME WITH MY CHILD-SIZED SHIN GUARDS AND ELDERLY GAIT.

But first–before La Mes de Watch Ann Finally Collapse–please join me at DreamBank Madison!

Next Thursday evening May 26th American Family DreamBank gives you a chance to hear some LTYM stories. Did you miss our Mother’s Day show here in Madison? Even if you attended the Madison show, this will be a different event with different stories, plus a great discussion about how telling stories can change your life and help you realize your dreams. Darcy (right) Takeyla (center) and I will re-stock some stories from our Madison alumni of previous seasons (the very talented Oroki Rice, Jennifer Rosen Heinz, and Lily Bragge) to fortify this intimate and powerful storytelling conversation next week. The event is free, but space is limited and filling up–so reserve yours today!


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