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I know Elver Park as the fast steep sledding hill I boycott due to the fact that everyone congregates at the bottom (instead of clearing the way for the oncoming wolf pack of sleds flying 60 mph).

I know Elver Park as the swamp where the under-12 team played soccer all of this past spring season.

I know the playground, the splash pad. I saw signs for skiing trails and something called Frisbee golf that surely no one actually plays.

Then my friend Kate told me about open spaces and views and miles of trails at the top and around that sledding hill, and the pond and country road around the back of the bike path.

Today I met Kate’s Elver Park. And saw more than a few frisbee golfers. Who knew??

There is so much more available than I realize– all around me, all the time.

Day by day, as my kids grow, my point of view get re-oriented ahead and above me again, instead of down the dredded sledding hill, around the monkey bars, over the slippery splash pad, and across the soccer field.

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