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And the winners are…


Best Tooth Fairy goes to the parent who actually caries cash.
Best Supporting Tooth Fairy goes to the parent who remembers to run to the ATM at 10:30 pm, or writes the most convincing IOU with his or her non-dominant “fairy” hand.

Best Timer goes to the parent who has his or her children trained to time their own screens.
Best Supporting Timer goes to the parent who remembers to set the timer at all.

Best Nail Clipper goes to the parent with kids who trim their own nails.
Best Supporting Nail Clipper goes to the parent of kids with the least amount of scratches and gouges on their own or their sibling’s forehead.

Best Meal Planner goes to the parent who serves economical and nutritious meals at home, including whole grains and veggies with every serving.
Best Supporting Meal Planner goes to the parent with kids who know when to duck/cover/and quietly help themselves to cereal or PB&J when no one eats those whole grains and veggies.

Best HairDo Parent goes to the parent who can perfect a ballet bun, follow a hair tutorial, or keep their kids looking sharp.
Best Supporting HairDo Parent goes to parents of kids with faces you can still see.

Best Mature Grown Up Parent goes to the parent who manages not to whine or yell when telling their kids not to whine or yell.
Best Supporting Mature Grown Up Parent goes to…the rest of us.

Best Parent goes to YOU for your own kid. Yes, you. It wasn’t even a contest.

Today my fellow humorists Kelcey at Mama Bird Diaries and Robin at Robin’s Chicks are sharing parenting awards along with me, as part of a sponsored post for Luvs diapers. The three of us will also host a Twitter party next Monday night, Feb 23rd, 8pm CST/9 pm EST where we are giving away up to $500 in gift cards and diapers. 500 dollars PLUS diapers?? Thanks Luvs! So put it on your calendar and you can tell us what parenting award you deserve!

Meanwhile check out this cute new video from Luvs in honor of awards season:

To win, you must follow @Luvs and participate at least once (via reply and/or RT) in the #LuvsAwards party on 02/23/15 at 9 pm ET.

Winners will be chosen randomly by @robinobryant, @mamabirddiaries and @annrants during the party and notified via DM and will receive a $100 gift card and Luvs diapers/wipes.

By participating you give @Luvs permission to direct message you.

Only 1 prize per person.

Winners must be 18 years or older.

Valid to US residents only


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