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Recently my niece (who works as a nanny) made me aware that not only do some preschools hold graduation ceremonies, but some also hold reunions for their graduates. Imagine all the catching up among those 5-year-olds! Okay, I’ll imagine for you…


“OMG! You look exactly the same!!”

“No, I look better. I wipe my own nose now!”


“Boy, please, those skinny jeans look AMAZE. What’s your secret?”

“No diaper butt, no problem! [wink]“


“Wememboh when we wew babies and couldn’t say ouw lettoh ow?
“Wight?!? Sewiously.”


“Madison, I almost didn’t recognize you with hair!”

“Sienna, I see you still haven’t given up your binky!”


“So, what do you do?”

“Mostly puzzles and whining. You?”


“Yo, Poopyhead! Long time no see.”

“Potty talk is sooooo pre-K. And who taught you 1970s slang, Hep Cat?”


“Remember the good old days when people used to read to us without asking us a thousand comprehension questions?”
“Remember the good old days when we got to ride in strollers everywhere, and grownups didn’t force us to use our own legs as transportation?”


“It just keeps getting better doesn’t it? I mean aside from the no naps, no flashing people, and no biting.”

“I miss preschool.”

“Me too.”

“Let go of my nostril.”


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