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Of all four seasons, running jogging in summer takes last place for me. This summer’s humidity made jogging ambling even more brutal. I did it anyhow.

That said, I always look forward to Purple and Yellow Time on the running path, despite Purple and Yellow Time occuring in the heat of late August.

Sadly, I didn’t capture a photo of Peak Purple and Yellow Time, because I ran without my phone during that week or so. Happily, I got to run without my phone during that week or so.

Happier still, I need to run with my phone beginning next week because the kids start school. School equals fall equals cooler temperatures equals easier ambling moseying.

Today I took a photo of Past-Peak Purple and Yellow time to share with you.

Past Peak, and still pretty great.


We used to have movie night now we have MOVIENITE

You're Invited to a First-Person Four-Player Experience Called Movienite! Who: You and your older brother. What: Let’s All Stare at the Same Screen at the Same Time. When: Tonight. Movienite. Let's get it! Where: The Elysian Fields of XBox Sweat, aka the basement sectional, aka the teen boy bassinet where you spend more hours than… Read More

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Kate’s Elver Park #30BrighterDays

I know Elver Park as the fast steep sledding hill I boycott due to the fact that everyone congregates at the bottom (instead of clearing the way for the oncoming wolf pack of sleds flying 60 mph). I know Elver Park as the swamp where the under-12 team played soccer all of this past spring… Read More

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Little bright spots for your week #30BrighterDays

This marks the final week of Oprah and Deepak's free 21-day meditation, which I'm both utilizing and enjoying. I think you'll still find value if you begin this week. I always find meditation valuable, and this focus on manifestation has me thinking about that which derives from ego versus manifestation that aligns with your heart… Read More


Clean from the root #30brighterdays

I forgot to take a before picture, so I won't show you the after. On one hand, I wish I could show you the progress. On the other hand, how very nice that social media has not hard-wired me to the extent I think to take the before. We planted a new burning bush in… Read More

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Anxiety Tapas, Anyone? #30BrighterDays

My poet friend Dana Maya volunteers at community events with the "Sponaneous Writing Booth." You give the poets a one-word prompt, make a small donation to a good cause, and they write you a poem on the spot. Given the rare gift of an entire night to myself, I finally got to see the booth… Read More