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Radisson Blu MOA invited my kids and me to #EscapeCabinFever as their guests for two days/nights of food, lodging, and activities. 

Last week I got to play a role even more unfamiliar to my kids than to myself- the role of fun spontaneous YES mom. I picked the kids up from school last Thursday and we headed north to the Radisson Blu Mall of America. Listen, two nights in a gorgeous hotel with a salt-water swimming pool and OH MY GOSH MOM THEY GIVE YOU FREE ROBES AND SLIPPERS alone would’ve thrilled them, but none of us could have believed the entertainment and experiences that awaited us.

First of all, walking into the foyer is like walking into a modern art museum full of funky kid-friendly furniture, hip whimsical decor, and graffiti-style pop art. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a swanky environment that didn’t require a hundred parental NO BE CAREFUL DON’T TOUCH IF YOU BREAK THAT YOU BUY ITs. In fact, right at check-in the staff greeted my kids with their own passports for the Blu Kids Club.


I loved how the hotel felt urban-chic and like an experience all its own–with a fantastic restaurant, bar, fitness facility and spa right on site (if only I’d had time to visit their world-class spa..sob!)–yet offered the convenience of a skybridge directly into the Mall of America. My kids got such a kick out of the fact they didn’t need their coats for the duration of the stay. Given the Midwest’s super-humid summers and very long winters, having a destination free from inclement weather and where your kids can exercise their bodies, minds, and yes even their outdoor voices serves as a huge plus.

We came. We saw. We ropes coursed-ziplined-rollercoastered-minigolfed-arcaded-swam-aquariumed-ate and ate and ate (check out the custom cookie desserts that Firelake Grill made for the boys. You should’ve seen their faces light up!)


Best of all? I said yes more times in two days than my kids typically hear in two weeks.


I said yes to swimming with my kids, I said yes to screaming through rides and slides with my kids at Nickelodeon Universe, I learned side-by-side my kids (and said yes to petting a slimy stingray) behind the scenes at SEA LIFE Minnesota. I even said sure fine go ahead to the emoji poop throw pillow from a mall kiosk.  The boys could not believe their luck.

YOU TOO can play Fun Spontaneous Yes Mom, and escape cabin fever at Radisson Blu Mall of America. The family fun package starts at $259 and includes the very cool play tent pictured above (for your kids to take home!) passes to either Nick Universe or Sea Life Aquarium, $10 SkyDeck arcade cards, and the Marty The Moose/Blu Kids Club. Note: standard rooms start well under $200 a night.

Thank you to the gorgeous and gracious Radisson Blu for allowing all of us two days of YES and many happy memories to get us through the long winter and beyond!



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