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Before we left for our annual trip to Lake Superior, I pulled a goddess card. The goddess I blindly selected told me to seek a spiritual place, a timely suggestion given Lake Superior tends to connect me to my spiritual side (also to my World’s Best Donuts side).

Yesterday Mom and I went to a tiny private spa on an extraordinary cove; a haven on protected native land.

Each time I visit, I sign the house guest book.

A 2002 visit provided an oasis from corporate life. My second visit in 2003 coincided with a major shift in my life when I’d miscarried my first pregnancy and consequently left a high-stress sales job; my great loss springing me to great freedom.

In 2003 I had a loving husband and a condo in Chicago.

These guys didn’t exist.


Listen To Your Mother? Utterly inconceivable. I knew nothing of blogging. In fact, I think I believed at age 29 I’d outgrown my creative side.

The goddess card told me to seek a spiritual place. I found wisdom–or at least a shift in perspective– in a 14 year old note I wrote myself during a time when I couldn’t imagine most of the main ingredients of my life today.

Entire lifetimes of possibility lie in wait; ideas and potential we cannot even fathom right now, not to mention dear friends, mentors, even loved ones we haven’t yet met.


In the meantime there are World’s Best Donuts. I recommend the maple long john.


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